Saturday, November 24, 2007


Umbriel has found another dimension door, but before he can check which key will open the door, it starts to open from the other side.

Umbriel: What?....

A little creature rushes in in such a hurry that he trips over Umbriel.

Umbriel: Hey, you, be careful!

The little creature quickly grabs Umbriel's keys...

Umbriel: Don't! Those are mine!

... and rushes to lock the door.

Umbriel: Wait! If you lock the door, it will disappear and you can't get back any more!

Little creature: I don't want to go back. I'm being chased by 10 mafiosos who think our patent medicine business is interfering with their drug traffic...

The little creature turns the key and the door disappears. Suddenly he sees something...

Little creature: Phobos!

Phobos has arrived on the scene.

Umbriel: Phobos! Do you know that creature?

Phobos: But of course, he is my little demon, called Deimos.

Deimos: Phobos, I'm so glad I found you! I was chased by these 50 mafiosos, you see... Will you save me from them?

Phobos: Of course, Door Knob, but isn't a demon supposed to protect his master and not vice versa?

Deimos: I'm just a little demon, I'm no match to 100 mafiosos! And don't call me Door Knob!

Phobos: You are safe here, the dimension door is gone, and the mafiosos can't find you.

Umbriel: Is it a good idea to let him stay? Don't you think he'll cause trouble?

Phobos: You can't get rid of him unless you get rid of me, too. We have a lifelong pact, remember. And he won't cause trouble. Well, not too much anyway... Just don't let him cut anybody's hair.

Niks: If he cuts people's hair too short...

Naks: ... there will be a huge demand for our hair elixir.

Niks: Is he good at catching hairy spiders?

So a little demon called Deimos alias Door Knob came here to stay.
I sure wonder if he will cause trouble - something Niks's and Naks's hair elixir cannot repair.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


It's All Saints' Day and Umbriel is still dressed for Halloween.

It is the beginning of Marraskuu, "Dead Month".

Umbriel: Look! It's snowing!

Umbriel: All the leaves have fallen off the trees. No pretty fall colors left. I guess that's why this month is called "Dead Month". It's a long wait before the nature comes alive again.