Saturday, February 21, 2009

Door and Demons

It looks like the little demons have found a dimension door - and Umbriel's keys

Deimos: We finally found a dimension door so that we can go and save Rastaban from the werewolves...

Fomalhaut: Do you think the door will take us to the right place?

Deimos: This key should take us directly to Transsylvania...

Fomalhaut: Does it look like Transsylvania?

After a while Umbriel appears on the scene.

Umbriel: A dimension door! And I can't find my keys anywhere! Wait... It's already open. I bet the little demons have taken my keys and gone in. I wonder where the door leads and if it will be safe to follow them. But if they come back first and lock the door, I can't get back and I will be trapped where ever is behind that door...

But beforeUmbriel can decide if it is safe to go in, the demons comes rushing back. Or actually Deimos comes rushing, Fomalhaut follows more calmly.

Deimos: Quick! Before the werewolf catches us!

Fomalhaut: It was not a werewolf...

Deimos: Quick! Lock the door! There are 10 werewolves after us...

Fomalhalhaut: It was only a dog...

After the door has been locked it disappears. Umbriel starts questioning the little demons.

Umbriel: I have told you not to take my keys! Where have you been?

Deimos: We had to go to Transsylvania to save Rastaban from the werewolves! There were at least 20 of them.

Fomalhaut: Actually there was only one dog...

Deimos: There were at least 100 werewolves and they were fierce and they were chasing us!

Fomalhaut: Actually it was an old dog. It was quite docile, but it did try to lick Deimos.

Umbriel: It appears that you did not find either Rastaban or werewolves.

Deimos: We found the werewolves but not Rastaban.

Fomalhaut: Actually the old dog told us that Rastaban has been accidentally transported to Lati Land. Rastaban and Algol are causing mayhem in the Lati Land. Algol is infesting their computers with bugs and viruses and Rastaban is chewing their cables with his little vampire teeth. We hope the Lati people catch them soon and ship them out as unwanted aliens. Otherwise we'll have to try to find a dimension door that takes us to Lati Land.

So, the rescue operation was unsuccessful, but the only casualty was Deimos who got licked by and old dog and scolded by Umbriel for taking his keys without permission.