Monday, March 22, 2010


Eggie: ALgol, get your gear ready. It is time to sow the Easter grass.

Rastaban: Grass is boring, let's sow some dragon teeth!

Thuban: Stop! You can't do that! Do you know what you get if you sow dragon teeth?

Rastaban: No. More dragon teeth?

Thuban: No, you get armed warriors! You would not want that! Give me the teeth.

Eggie: I think it's better to stick to the grass seed. Algol, get to work.

Algol: I have always to do all the work... Maybe I should sneak in one dragon tooth and grow me a ninja body guard...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where did the spring go?

It rained yesterday (first time this year) and we thought that the spring is finally coming.

But the temperature dropped below freezing again and it is snowing today.

Algol: At least we are not snowed in any more...

Deimos: Big deal. It still looks like winter outside.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Rastaban: Hey,Thuban, spread out your wings and fly around a bit. I want to see.

Thuban: I can't...

Rastaban: Because Deimos said that you are not allowed? Never mind Deimos. He will not notice anything, he is busy making drawings for his perpetual motion machine.

Thuban: It's not because of Deimos. The wings are magic, and I dropped my magic wand and it broke, it won't work any more, and I can't fly.

Rastaban: It does not look broken to me. But anyway, I know where the glue is stored. I'll get some, and we'll fix your wand in no time.

Thuban: I found the glue already and tried to fix the wand. But a magic wand cannot be fixed with glue, it must be fixed with magic. And I'm too little to know that kind of magic. You must transform into a bat and fly around. I'll watch.

Rastaban: Ummm.... I can't transform into a bat.

Thuban: Because Deimos has said that you're not allowed to?

Rastaban: No, I'm not afraid of Deimos. I can't transform into a bat because I'm too little. I've still got only milk teeth. But wait here, I have a solution.

Soon Rastaban comes back.

Rastaban: Here, take this blankie. It will allow you to fly.

Thuban: Are these some kind of flying carpets? How does it work? What must one say to start it?

Rastaban: They are not flying blankets. You just wrap yourself into one and take a nap.

Thuban: What? You always want to take naps.

Rastaban: Vampires get sleepy in the daytime, you know. Just wrap yourself into the blanket. When you sleep, you can dream of flying.

Thuban: That just might work...

And so the little ones soar high above the ground in their dreams...


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dragon scale magic

Deimos: It is cold here. Who has left the balcony door open even though the temperature outside is still below freezing?

Rastaban: I had to leave the door open so that Thuban could fly in.

Deimos: And who is Thuban?

Rastaban: This is Thuban, my dragon friend who has been missing. I have been searching for him since last Easter. And now he has found his way here. These dragon scales have powerful magic, you know.

Thuban: Rastaban promised that I can stay here.

Deimos: Yeah, anybody who manages to get in stays here. Nobody seems to ever leave. But you are not allowed to fly around here, it is too dangerous. Even Rastaban is not allowed to transform into a bat and fly around.

And so another weird creature came to stay. I hope Rastaban and Thuban don't have too much dragon scale magic in store...