Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pirate day

Captain Fomalhaut and his trusty crew are planning new adventures. As they already have found a buried treasure, they now decide to kidnap the governor's daughter and demand ransom.

The pirates set off leaving their treasure chest on the shore (now do you think that was wise?)

Soon more pirates appear. Captain Wage and his Ugly crew find the abandoned chest and quickly take off with it. What luck! They did not even have to dig!

When Fomalhaut and his crew return, they are appalled seeing that their treasure is gone.

The pirates promptly set off to chase the thieves...

... except Rastaban who is left to guard the governor's daughter.
Rastaban tries to get more closely acquainted, but the governor's daughter is only interested in playing with her pirate doll. She seems to be too young to be interested in boys.

Fomalhaut, Deimos and Thuban soon catch the thieves who took their treasure.

It is Captain Wage, and his Ugly crew, Icy, Jeero and Babo. They are examining their loot when they notice the approaching pirates.

They take off immediately and run for it! They have no intention to stay and fight for the treasure. They think it is much safer to run to the kitchen and raid my cookie jar instead.

So the Ugly pirates raided my cookie jar and Fomalhaut's crew got their treasure back. And what about the governor's daughter? The governor refused to pay any ransom because Lumi was not her daughter at all, but an impostor. So Lumi decided to join the pirates instead. And to celebrate that the Lati pirates joined the cookie jar raid.

In the end no one was hurt except a few cookies that got muched by all kinds of pirates.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Droids vs. ninjas III - The Empire Strikes Back

It seems that Deimos has not given up yet...

Deimos: Spark, are your turtles ready for another match?

Hikaru: Any time! Just let your puny droids do their worst. My turtles are not afraid of them!

But it looks that this time Deimos has a new secret weapon...

Deimos: Charge!

Hikaru: What???

The machine starts to advance...

The turtles look stunned for a second...

... and then they suddenly turn and run.

Hikaru: Stop! Cowards! Come back and fight! You'll get no pizza today!!!

Deimos: Yesss!!! This time the victory is ours!

Deimos: Admit it, Spark, this time my droids beat your turtles.

Hikaru: Stupid turtles... Turned yellow... OK, but it's still two to one for the turtles.

Deimos: Well done, guys, you'll get an extra portion of lubricant tonight.

Hikaru (muttering): Stupid turtles... They sure will get no pizza today...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Droids vs. ninjas II - Rematch

Deimos has not given up hope that his droids can beat Hikaru's ninja turtles.

Deimos: Spark, are your turtles ready for a rematch?

Hikaru: Any time!

But it looks like this time Deimos's droids have a new formidable weapon!

Deimos: Charge!

Hikaru: This requires new tactic... Cowabunga!

The turtles start pushing the droid walker - all from the same side!

Deimos: What is this...

Hikaru: That's the way to go, turtles!

It does not take long before the walker crashes to the ground.

Deimos: Oh, no, not again...

Hikaru: Well done, boys, time for pizza!

Deimos: Those turtles are way too destructive. I need an even bigger weapon...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Droids vs. ninjas I

Deimos and Hikaru are arguing about whose minions are better.

Deimos: My assassin droids can beat your ninja turtles any time!

Hikaru: No way. Shall we put them to test?

Deimos: Definitely!

Deimos: Charge!

Hikaru: Cowabunga!

Deimos: Oh, no, this does not look good...

Hikaru: Yes! Go, turtles, go!

Deimos: Oh, no....

Hikaru: The victory is ours!

Hikaru: You guys did well, I think you have earned some pizza.

Deimos: I must get the repair droids...

Deimos: Ok, put these droids back together.

R2-D2: Whrrr beeeeep blp!

C3PO: I'm a protocol droid, not a mechanic!

Deimos: Shut up and get to work!

After some time...

Deimos: What is this? You were supposed to repair 5 assassin droids, not to create an abstract sculpture!

R2-D2: Zzp blp beeeep beep whrr!

C3PO: He says there were no blueprints and you told to put the droids back together. Everything is together, isn't it?

Deimos: You are no good. I have to do everything myself...


Deimos: OK, this is how they should look. The next time the turtles won't win that easily. I'll have to see to that.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Visiting old places

Today I took Deimos to see the house I used to live in as a child.

Here's the house from across the street. We used to live on the 6th floor (second from the top, the ground floor was included in the count). You can't see our windows here because they were towards the opposite direction.

Here's the same house seen from the corner. The houses completely enclose the courtyard. The gate to the courtyard is right where the lower part of the house starts. There seems to be a bus coming. No, it is not going to drive over us, this is a T-crossing, and we are on the opposite sidewalk.

Deimos, it is no use signaling the bus to stop, it is going to turn at the corner, it is not coming this way.

Here's the gate to the courtyard in the middle of the block.

The courtyard does not look like a fun place to play in. It never was. We never played here. The house just at the right edge of the picture is the one we lived in. The low building in the middle used to be a movie theater.

It did not matter that the courtyard was no good for playing as the Duck Park was right next to the house. Here is a view from the gate towards the park.

The Duck Park is right in the next block! It used to be my favorite place, and I still go there every now and then just for a walk.

Deimos: This was interesting. I have been in the Duck Park before, but I have never examined the houses.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Local life forms

Spock is studying the local geology.

Spock: This smooth rock is interesting.

Spock: My tridorder indicates that these parallel grooves have been left by the Ice Age.

Spock: My tricorder registers life form readings. They must be some local life forms.

Spock: Oh, it is you two... Well, you are local life forms.

Naks: We sure are low-cal. Nothing but troll skin and bones.

Niks: We sure are low to the ground...

Spock: And what are you doing here?

Niks: We are collecting mosquitoes and other ingredients for our patent medicines.

Naks: This sure is a good mosquito year. Zillions of them everywhere!

Spock: Zillion is not a number...

Niks: Zillion, gadzillon, googolplex, whatever.

Spock: The Zumikloxians are not native life forms, however.

Niks: They just followed us.

Naks: They thought we came looking for honey puffs.

Niks: They are constantly looking for honey puffs, you know.

Spock: Yes, I know, but there are no honey puffs in the forest. My tricorder readings confirm it.

Naks: Well, we can as well go home then.

As there is no Scotty to beam up the landing party, they just have to walk home...

Zyp: ojrngre fjfwen dnfnf kjfdsk fkjdkjdddweuhr!

Niks: Great idea! As we found no honey puffs, we'll raid the chocolate cake when we get home!

Naks: That we'll do for sure!