Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hairy Story II

Niks and Naks are busy practising when Pollux approaches them with a request.

Pollux: Listen, Niks and Naks, Tuuli and Pyry told that you have potion that grows hair. They say that Haitula confiscated your bottle, but maybe you could make some more...

Niks: So you're tired of being bald.

Naks: you have come just to the right persons.

Niks: As we were in charge of organizing the packing and unpacking...

Naks: We found our hair elixir bottle.

Niks: And now we know where it is.

Naks: But Haitula does not know. He thinks it was lost in the move.

Niks: I'll go get the bottle.

Naks: I'll check that Haitula is nowhere near.

Pollux: (thinking) I wonder if the stuff really works...

Soon Niks and Naks return...

Niks: Hold perfectly still now.

Naks: And close your eyes. It is strong stuff.

Niks: It is working!

Pollux: Aaaaauuuugh! It itches!

Naks: Keep your hands off your head, or hair will start growing on your palms.

Pollux: It worked! I have hair!

Niks: Hmmm. It's rather short and curly.

Naks: It does not really look like troll hair.

Niks: I think this potion has lost its power.

Pollux: I want to see! Do you have a mirror?

Naks: Here. How do you like it?

Pollux: I look like Elvis! All I need is a guitar and a white glittery suit...

Niks: I don't think Elvis had bat wings on his back...

Naks: And he was not chocolate colored either...

Well, isn't this little fellow too sweet for his own good?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Old Stories - Haitula And the Hat

Haitula has found a strange looking hat...

Haitula: I wonder whose hat that is...

Haitula: There seems to be something inside...

Haitula: A rabbit!

Haitula: And another!

Haitula: They keep getting smaller!

Haitula: Curiouser and curiouser... I wonder if this is a magician's hat.

The Mad Hatter arrives. He seems to have something to say about the hat...
Haitula: Is this your hat?

The Mad Hatter: It isn't mine.

Haitula: But how then...

The Mad Hatter: I keep them to sell. I've none of my own. I'm a hatter.

As the Mad Hatter leaves, Alice arrives.

Alice: Excuse me. Have you seen a white rabbit? ...Oh, there he is, and all his cousins, too!

Alice leaves with the rabbits. Haitula is starting to feel confused.
Haitula: Oh my, my head is spinning...

Haitula wakes up.
Haitula: Oh, gee, Kurre, it was only a dream! But what a curious dream it was.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Legolas - Introduction

Legolas is a young elf. He appears to be about 14 human years old though I'm not sure exactly how old he is according to elf reckoning. He has been named after Legolas from LOTR though he is not related to the original in any way.

Legolas was sent here because he was not behaving very well. He skipped school way too often as he preferred roaming in the forests rather than concentrating in his studies. As he had not done anything real bad, he was allowed to choose between Elf Reform School and coming here. He chose to come here because he is afraid of the Reform School.

But Legolas is not quite sure if he has made the right choice after all.

Legolas: This is a stupid place, nothing but little kids here. In the reform school there would at least be other elves of my age even though lots of them are really bad characters...

Umbriel has noticed that legolas is sulking and tries to offer some consolation.

Umbriel: Home schooling is not as bad as it sounds. And you'll have enough free time to roam in the forest, too. Don't you want to learn everything?

Legolas: Stupid kid, do you really think that anybody can learn everything? And what do you do with all the knowledge? It's just useless ballast!

Umbriel: It never hurts to know as much as possible. You never know what information you will need. Aren't you curious at all?

Legolas: I'm curious enough but I'm not interested in books. Leave me alone.

Umbriel: As you wish.

Legolas: "Don't you want to learn everything?" Stupid kid, there's not enough time in the eternity to learn everything.

Caliban has also noticed that Legolas is sulking and tries to help in his way...

Caliban: Why are you sad?

Legolas: What? Another stupid kid?

Caliban: You may hold one of my monkeys if you want.

Legolas: Ummmm... thanks, I guess. Now leave me alone.

Legolas: Another stupid kid with stupid stuffed monkeys...

But then a very strange noise is heard. It is Niks and Naks who arrive - playing a tin drum and a saw! They know that music can tame even a wild beast - let alone a sulking elf.

Niks & Naks: Hello there!

Legolas: I'll be a monkey's uncle! A marching troll band!

Niks: Do you want to join our band?

Naks: If you don't have any instrument, just get a couple of kettle lids and start banging them together.

Legolas: Well, I don't think I'll care about banging kettle lids together, but maybe I can get some other instrument...

Niks: Sure, anything will do. Just as long as it makes a joyous noise.

Naks: The more noise the better.

Legolas: I would really like to learn to play something. Though I might not join Niks's and Naks's noise band. I'll have to think about this...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Old Stories - Visa and Satu meet Humpty Dumpty

I'm trying to collect all my old photo stories to this blog to make them easier to find. They will appear in more or less random order, mainly depending on how I find time to arrange them. They also feature randoms characters and random interactions. Just enjoy.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Three Musketeers And Veggies

Today is a rainy day so it means inside fun. In spite of the rain I visited the Farmers' Market to get some fresh veggies, and employed the Three Musketeers to help cooking them. They have to know more about cooking than just baking cakes. They are supposed to make gratinated cauliflower, but I added some broccoli for color.

Sylvester: Gee, the white lump looks like someone's brain. And I don't even say what the green lump looks like.

David: They are just veggies, they are going to taste fine.

Timo: I'd rather have cake.

David: Shut up you too, and get to work.

David: First the cauliflower and broccoli are boiled in water with a bit of salt.

Sylvester: We are grating the cheese in the meantime. This is supposed to go on the top.

David: Now you must take two eggs and separate the whites and the yolks. Sylvester can do that. Timo and I are going to start the sauce.

For the sauce some wheat flour is quickly cooked in butter, and then some broth from the cooking of the veggies and some milk is added.

David: Stir it well, it looks lumpy.

Timo: I'm stirring! All the lumps won't dissolve!

David: I guess it't OK, nobody will notice the lumps after the stuff goes into the pan with the veggies.

David: After the sauce had cooked for 5 minutes, we added some salt, white pepper and a little bit of sugar. And the yolks of the eggs. The whites must be beaten before they are added, and they are added last, after the sauce has cooled a bit.

Timo: Otherwise you get more lumps. There are enough already.

David: The cooked veggies are cut up a bit so they fit better into our pan.

Sylvester: And then the sauce is poured over them.

David: Now we put some grated dry bread on the top.

Timo: And the grated cheese.

David: Now it has to cook in the oven in 180 centigrades for about half an hour.

David: Now it's ready. But beware, it's hot!

Timo: It smells good.

Sylvester: It does not smell like anybody's brain.

David: As if you knew what brains smell like.


After eating it is time to wash up.

David: Cool. Now we have a dish washer. We no longer have to do the dishes by hand. Make sure that everything is well arranged.

Sylvester: This is nice, we can sit on the balcony while the dishwasher is doing its job.

David: The veggies tasted good, but how about bringing us some ice cream for dessert?

Outsider: Well, you did a good job with the cooking and washing up, so I guess you have deserved it.

David: Mmmmmm ice cream...

Timo: And fresh strawberries straight from the producer.

Sylvester: It's nice to live next to the Farmers' Market.