Sunday, June 22, 2008

Haitula explores the forest

Haitula tells:

Today I decided it is my turn to go out and explore the forest. Here are some pictures of what I saw:

- It has rained so much that weeds sprout in every crack in the black top.

- The little brook lined with ferns is so nice to watch and to listen to.

- Because of the rain everything is so lush ahd green. Lots of delicate ferns and mosses.

- A rolling stone gathers no moss, but these rocks have not rolled since the ice age, so they have gathered quite a lot moss.

- The lake is so big and blue...

- I think this pine is dead. But the moss behind is alive. The reddish brown color is sporn cases, the moss is about to spread new spores soon.

- Here a living tree has grown its roots over a dead tree stump.

-Close up you can see they are birch roots.

- Under the stump is a secret passage. I wonder if this will lead to an underground world... I wonder if I would meet Alice and the white rabbit there...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Puck's Midsummer Day

It's Midsummer Day, and we have had thunder showers and even hailstones but in the afternoon the weather finally cleared up so that we could go out. Puck insisted that it is his turn as he has never been out. He enjoyed exploring everything even if the forest was still wet.


A sunny spot among the ferns that love shadows.

A old tree stump.

Soft moss is nice to sit on - but it is a bit wet!

Rock climbing is always fun...

... but don't fall into the crevice!

The rock has split into two. Puck can't quite touch the both sides of the chasm simultaneously.

The hard rain has gouged its marks into gravel roads.

Here's a nice sunny spot to rest a bit.

Wild strawberries - but they are still raw.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monkey see, monkey do

Nemo had seen pictures of dancers and wanted to try the moves himself. Not bad, he could make a fine dancer with those long, flexible limbs.

Caliban and Puck seem to be admiring Nemo and want to do everything he does. So of course they had to try the dance moves, too. I think their performance looked more like an Indian war dance than ballet. Lots of stomping and slapping... Maybe these two don't have a future in the ballet...

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Fomalhaut and summer flowers

Today is the first of June, officially the first day of summer. Fomalhaut declared that it is his turn to go out.

First just a few pictures of our back yard:

The lilacs are in full bloom.

And so are the mountain ashes.

Here's our back yard: four big mountain ashes, two big maples and lilac bushes.

Even weeds on the side of the street are pretty.

Fomalhaut found an apple tree. The flowers are already withering, but there are still plenty left.

A little demon and apple blossoms.

This birch is totally dead though it is still standing. No leaves at all and fungus frowing on the stem. Fomalhaut thinks the fungus is good to sit on. It is hard and dry, not soft and slimy like toadstools.

Lingonberry flower.

Mountain ash flower.

A mountain ash full of flowers.

Wild forget-me-nots.

The First Frog is fascinated by frog flowers (marsh marigolds).

Fomalhaut is examining the frog flower. He seems to try to find some frogs in there.

Tar flower.

There are lots of them!

On the way home Fomalhaut found a pretty bush in the park.

I have no idea what bush this is, but it sure is pretty.