Monday, June 28, 2010

Local life forms

Spock is studying the local geology.

Spock: This smooth rock is interesting.

Spock: My tridorder indicates that these parallel grooves have been left by the Ice Age.

Spock: My tricorder registers life form readings. They must be some local life forms.

Spock: Oh, it is you two... Well, you are local life forms.

Naks: We sure are low-cal. Nothing but troll skin and bones.

Niks: We sure are low to the ground...

Spock: And what are you doing here?

Niks: We are collecting mosquitoes and other ingredients for our patent medicines.

Naks: This sure is a good mosquito year. Zillions of them everywhere!

Spock: Zillion is not a number...

Niks: Zillion, gadzillon, googolplex, whatever.

Spock: The Zumikloxians are not native life forms, however.

Niks: They just followed us.

Naks: They thought we came looking for honey puffs.

Niks: They are constantly looking for honey puffs, you know.

Spock: Yes, I know, but there are no honey puffs in the forest. My tricorder readings confirm it.

Naks: Well, we can as well go home then.

As there is no Scotty to beam up the landing party, they just have to walk home...

Zyp: ojrngre fjfwen dnfnf kjfdsk fkjdkjdddweuhr!

Niks: Great idea! As we found no honey puffs, we'll raid the chocolate cake when we get home!

Naks: That we'll do for sure!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


The lilacs are now blooming. And the little vampire wanted to go out and see. I had a bit hard time keeping her out of direct sunlight, but Niks's and Naks's sunscreen seems to be working well.

Lumi: Aaaaahhhh...

Lumi: They smell so sweet...

Lumi: What a pity we cant' photograph the smell...

Lumi: Aaaahhhh....

Lumi: You must just imagine the smell...

Lumi: It's soooo sweet!

These are a bit different shade.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Trolls and vampires

The littlest vampires are sleepy in the daytime...

... or maybe they are not...

Lumi: I am not sleepy!

Rastaban: Ummm.... What?

Lumi: This is not fair! The sun shines all day and almost all night! Are we supposed to sleep all the time and to be able to play only for the couple of hours when the sun barely sinks below the horizon! I don't want to miss all summer and wait for the winter when the sun does not shine!

Rastaban: Don't worry. I'll get Niks and Naks. They have a remedy. Just wait here.

Niks: We heard that there is a new vampire here...

Naks: ... who is in need of our help...

Niks: We are the local patent medicine experts, you know.

Naks: We prepare patent medicines for all purposes.

Niks: Here is a bottle of excellent extra strong sunscreen. Developed specifically to keep little vampires safe from sun.

Lumi: It smells good...

Naks: It's made of toadstools, bat eyes, frog spit, spider guts and lots of other powerful secret ingredients.

Niks: It has kept Rastaban perfectly safe and healthy all year.

Naks: But it only works for little vampires who still have their milk teeth.

Niks: If or when you grow up, the sunscreen will no longer be able to protect you.

It's good to have local patent medicine experts to keep my vampires safe. I don't think they will ever want to grow up...