Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Deep snow

It kept snowing all night and by the morning even Fomalhaut could no longer see out over the snow drift on our window sill. So he declared that he must get out to see that there still is such thing as outside.

The garden swing on our back yard is well padded - with snow!

The snowy forest is beautiful.

Fomalhaut: The snow is really too deep for me...

Fomalhaut: I can't get anywhere and I have snow in my boots.

Outsider: It was you who wanted to get off the plowed road. And I have snow in my boots, too. Even I sink up to my knees here.

Fomalhaut: I can't escape the snow even by climbing a tree - even the trees have a thick covering of snow!

Fomalhaut: Look! Animal tracks. I think this has been a squirrel.

Fomalhaut: The snow on this tree is really thick.

Fomalhaut: I found a tree that is small enough so that no snow stays on it!

Fomalhaut: But on the ground the snow is still too deep for me to get anywhere...

Even though it has been very cold, the winter swimmers' hole in the ice is open. They have some sort of contraption in there that stirs the water and keeps it moving so that the hole stays open so that they can swim all winter.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Accumulating snow

Another snow day...

Fomalhaut: It is snowing again...

Rastaban: Not fair, I can't see out any more, there is too much snow on the window sill!

Rastaban: This should help...

Rastaban: This is better. Now I can see. There is an awful lot of snow everywhere.

Rastaban: Do you think the spring will ever come?

Fomalhaut: I'm not sure...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nap Time

Eggie has decided to take a little nap...

... but it appears that the boys are sleepy, too.

Eggie: What!???

Rastaban: Lend a bit of the blanket this way.

Algol: We want to take a nap, too.

Eggie: Stop pulling at my blankie!

Rastaban: Surely it is big enough for three.

Algol: Maybe we can stretch it a little...

Outsider: Stop the fight! You can each have your own blanket.

So all three settle in...

... or not quite all...

Algol: I'm not sleepy!

Algol: Pillow fight!

Rastaban: Ummmph...

Eggie: What???

Rastaban: OK, pillowfight it is!

Eggie: Here's what you asked for!

But finally:

Algol: I'm tired.

Eggie: Me too.

Rastaban: Nnnnngh...

Eggie, Algol & Rastaban: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...

Friday, February 05, 2010

Runeberg's Day

Deimos: Algol, what are you doing with that funny hat and a rake?

Algol: It's Runeberg's Day. I'm Sven Dufva defending a bridge against the Russian attack all by myself!

Deimos: Sven Dufva had a flintlock and a bayonet. That's a rake!

Algol: Oh... Maybe I can rake the Russians off the bridge...

But Sven does not notice that the enemy is right behind him...

Algol: Who turned off the lights?!???

Rastaban: Sven Dufva was killed in the battle. I'm the Russian who shot Sven Dufva! You are sooo dead now!

Algol: I don't want to be dead.

Rastaban: You can't change the history.

Fomalhaut: Sven Dufva is a fictional character, not actual history.

Deimos: Enough culture already! Let's go and eat the tarts.

Fomalhaut: That's fine with me.

Rastaban: Mmmmmmm... Runeberg's tarts...

Algol: I don't want to be dead. I want tarts, too!

Fomalhaut: Don't push, there's enough for everybody!

Everybody: Mmmmmm....

Rastaban: The best part about Runeberg's Day is the tarts...