Saturday, July 06, 2013

Love Potion #9

Love Potion #9 1/4

Niks: "We bring you the finest perfumes and love potions..."

Naks: "...carefully made from the mosts exquisite secret ingredients!"

Lumi: "Don't take any love potion concocted by Niks and Naks! It will only make frogs follow you!"

Kuura: "Nonsense. I'm sure those potions will be most effective. I think I could use some love potion..."

Frogs: *ribbit* *ribbit*

Love Potion #9 2/4

Kuura: "What is this??? I took one sip of this love potion and now all the frogs are following me!"

Lumi: "I told you so..."

Kuura: "Is there an antidote?"

Niks: "No..."

Naks: "...but you can try kissing the frogs, maybe one of them will turn into a prince!"

Love Potion #9 3/4

Kuura: "All right. I'll kiss a frog. It's Sydney or the bush!"

Blue frog: *ribbit*

Naks: "You must close your eyes and count to three!"

Niks (whispering): "Are you ready, Icy?"

Love Potion #9 4/4

Kuura: "What??? The frog turned into an ice bat, not a prince!"

Icy: "Aaaaaah.... I've been kissed by a queen!"

Niks & Naks: "Hee, hee, hee..."

Testing Ipernity

As Flickr has become hopeless, our photos will now be on Ipernity. This post tests linking photos from Ipernity to the blog:

We hate the new Flickr!!!!


Well, it looks like that is not going to happen, so we are moving to Ipernity

Adding the picture was not as easy as with Flickr, but seems to work...