Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or treat

It looks like the little demons are up to something...

Deimos: OK, everybody, grab a bucket or a basket and we can go trick-or-treating...

Umbriel: You can't go trick-or-treating, it is not a custom in this country.

Deimos: Not fair. We are all dressed up. What can we do?

Umbriel: Well, you can just go around and try to scare people. Like this. BOO! What are you dressed as?

Deimos: Fomalhaut is of course the pirate captain and I'm his trusty first mate. Arrrrr!

Rastaban: I'm a vampire!

Deimos: Not fair, you are a vampire anyway.

Rastaban: Am I not scary enough?

Deimos: Yes, but...

Rastaban: But nothing! BOO!

Algol: I'm an escaped prisoner. Ni!

Deimos: You are supposed to say BOO.

Algol: I'm one of the knights who say Ni!

Deimos: You just said you were an escaped prisoner.

Algol: I'm an escaped prisoner who says Ni!

Eggie: I'm picachu. Pica, pica!

Niks & Naks: We are trolls, of course.

Deimos: Not fair, you are trolls anyway. And throw away that bag, we are not supposed to go trick-or-treating.

Niks: But we are...

Naks: We think we know where we can get something...

Niks & Naks: TRICK OR TREAT!

Spock: I beg your pardon...

Niks: Give us some treats...

Naks: Or we'll do some dirty tricks....

Niks: Like maybe bite your toes...

Spock: Are you some kind of local mafia?

Niks: We are no mafia!

Naks: Just go and get us something good to eat!

Spock: Oh, I see, you are just hungry. Why did you not say so in the first place. Give me your bag and I'll get you something to eat.

Niks: It's better be good...

Naks: Or else...

Niks and Naks return to the rest of the gang with a bag full of ... something.

Deimos: Did you get anything?

Niks: We sure did.

Naks: A bag full of something.

Fomalhaut: Let's see what you got!

Algol: But these are veggies!

Eggie: Definitely no candy!

Fomalhaut: Well, the carrots aren't so bad.

Eggie: and the corn cob is OK, too.

Rastaban: And whad do I get? A cabbage? It is not even blood colored!

Deimos: The Vulcans have green blood. Imagine that it is a Vulcan head...

Rastaban: A Vulcan head... mmmmmmmmmmm......

Deimos: And what is this?

Niks: It's a Vulcan plomeek.

Deimos: But it is rock hard. How are you supposed to eat this.

Naks: You don't eat it raw. ..

Niks: You must make plomeek soup out of it...

Naks: First you have to learn to cook...

Deimos: Not likely. Listen, guys, this will not do. Grab some tools, and we'll go and raid the chocolate cake our person made!

Deimos: Algol, you can't cut a cake with a rake! A spade and a saw are a bit better, but I think it is better if I cut the cake with my sword...


Well, I prevented the raid and gave each a small piece of cake. A very small piece. A bunch of demons and trolls with tummy ache is more than I can handle.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Trolls and fall colors

After a couple of rainy days today is sunny with no cloud in the sky (though it is rather cool, there was frost on the roofs and car windows in the morning).

Niks and Naks wanted to go out and see how well they match the landscape.

Here are some pretty maples on a nearby street.

More maples.

And a few more. The colors look so intense when the sun is shining.

A mountain ash in a nearby park.

Naks: Look, we match the fallen leaves!

Niks: We sure do!

Naks: Except your hair!

Niks: But my hair matches the sky!

Golden birches.

More birches.

Fallen leaves and fallen trolls.

Naks: Maybe we'll rest here a while.

Niks: Yes, We can sunbathe a little.

Niks: Mountain ash berries!

Naks: Pass some to me, too!

Niks: These are easier to get at.

Naks: Excellent! Mountain ash berry jelly tastes good with pickled flies.

Naks: The blueberries have turned red, too!

Niks: What a pity that there are no berries left.

Naks: Never mind, the leaves taste good, too.

Niks: Yes, they make good herb tea.

Niks: Peekaboo!

Niks: The fireweeds have gone all dry.

Naks: Now they would burn well.

Another golden birch.

Niks: Wonderful rotten leaves.

Naks: These will make wonderful vegtable soup!

Niks: Better than cabbage soup.

Niks: It is rather windy on the shore...

Naks: But the lake sure is intensely blue today.

Niks: Hey, who tilted the horizon!

Naks: This is how the shore looks looking upwards from the water's edge.

Niks: Soft moss and fallen leaves...

Naks: We'll rest a bit here...

A very bright bush.

This is the same bush from another direction.

Niks: See, we do have sunshine here sometimes!

Naks: Even if the sun does not rise very high any more.