Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tea Party

Aniara is setting up a tea party. She has invited a dolly and her Moomin Troll. But it appears that there is room for more guests...

Aniara: Caliban, do you have stuffies who would like to come to the party. I'm serving tea and donuts.

Caliban: Yes! I go get Apina Kapina.

It appears that Caliban found some Apina Kapina's relatives, too.

Caliban: Monkeys want donuts!

And Caliban dumps all the monkeys onto the table. That is not quite what Aniara had in mind.

Aniara: Caliban! You are ruining my party and breaking the dishes. Take those monkeys off the table immediately!

Caliban: Monkeys want donuts!

The noise attracts Umbriel to the scene.

Umbriel: What is going on here?

Aniara: Caliban is ruining my tea party! His monkeys have no manners! They are breaking the china and spreading the donuts all over the table!

Caliban: Monkeys want donuts!

Umbriel: We'll make a comporomise. I'll put a bowl of donuts on the floor. The monkeys that have no manners can eat on the floor, and they get their donuts.

Aniara: I guess that's okay, but now I don't have guests for my tea party.

Umbriel: Sir Isaac Newton would like to come to your party,

Aniara: Ummm... Do you think your newt can behave any better than Caliban's monkeys?

Umbriel: Sir Isaac Newton is an eminent scientist with impeccable manners and he loves tea and cucumber sandwiches - but in a pinch donuts will do.

So those who have table manners can have tea and donuts at the table... Hey, where did Niks and Naks come from? I guess they always appear if there is food around. I hope they have better table manners than the monkeys or the tea party may turn into another riot.

And those who have no table manners can eat from a large bowl on the floor - it seems that the Zumikloxians have joined the "no table manners" group. It seems that they, too, always appear when any food is around.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


It's cold outside, well actually not so bad (-9 C or 16 F), but the wind is blowing from the north, so the kids stay inside.

Caliban: Funny pictures!

Mikko: You are holding the book upside down! I can read that book to you, if you want.

Caliban: Yes!

Mikko: Alligators all around...
...Having headaches
... Zippity zound! Alligators ALL around

Caliban: Again!

Mikko: Oh, well, OK.
Alligators all around...
...Zippity zound! Alligators all around.

Caliban: Again!

Mikko: This is getting boring. You read yourself!

Caliban: Olio, I read, you listen? ... No? ... I must get Apina Kapina.

It looks like Caliban found Apina Kapina - and his friends and relatives, too!

Caliban: I read, you all listen!

Caliban: Alligators all around...
...Getting giggles...
...Zippity zound! Alligators all around.
Alligators all around...

Niks: This is getting boring. Let's go and raid the deep freeze!

Naks: Yes! That is more interesting!

Caliban: You always think about food?

Niks: Of course. What could be more interesting?

Zeon: krjfrjfijreituirutvn uurun irufrrqddekm

Niks: Sure you can join us. We'll raid enough food for everybody.

Niks: Aaah, Jaffa cakes. You like these, don't you?

Zeon: flltkyolgmn ehrhewhr

Niks: I knew you do!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cross Country Skiing

Haitula has got new skis. It's a nice sunny day, perfect weather for skiing.

Getting started...

Ooops! It isn't as easy as it looks.

Better try going uphill....

and downhill...

- Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

- Oops!

But Haitula does not give up. He climbs up again...

... and concentrates...

And down again...

... and curves to a perfect stop! Excellent!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Haitula and snow

It is finally snowing instead of just raining all the time.

There is not yet enough snow to cover the lingonberries - but it's snowing all the time, so these are probably covered by tomorrow...

- OK, Fafner, I think this is a good place to build a snowman.
(By the way you can see how windy it is by looking at the end of my scarf.)

- Push, Fafner, rolling the snowballs is hard.

- Phhhw, finally the snowman is ready. The snow is a bit too cold, so it did not stick together well. You can see that this is a snow alien because he has eyestalks and some sort of flowery antennae on his head.

(Outsider's remark: Haitula looks so snowy in the last picture because the wind blew him over several times.)