Sunday, May 31, 2009

Algol goes out for the first time

It is a very warm day today, too. Algol reminded that he has never ever been outside, so it must be his turn today.

Algol and tar flowers

Algol: I'll pick that one and take a closer look...

Algol: It does not look very tarry to me...

Algol: Here's a nice mossy spot, a soft resting place.

On the beach

Algol: I think I can go and swim a little...

Algol: Hey, this water is icy cold. I'm not going to swim here!

Algol: Here's a little moss covered tree stump. Just suitable for a little one like me to sit on.

Algol: This rock has been split into two...

Algol: ... and a secret passageway underground has been created...

Algol: I wonder if there are lots of trolls and ghouls and ogres in there... I'm not going there alone!

Outsider: Well, I'm too big to fit in.

Algol: Well.... I guess we must go home then...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pilvi and forest flowers

Today is a beautiful, warm day and Pilvi declared that it is her turn to go out and look for pretty flowers.

Apple blossoms

Dandelions are still blooming, but coltsfoots have gone to puffballs.

Coltsfoot puffball

Strawberry field

Strawberry flowers

Most dandelions are still in full bloom...

...but Pilvi has found an early puffball...

Blow it!

Pilvi: Can I blow the seeds all the way over the Atlantic?

Pilvi: Pooooooooooooooooooooofffffffffffff....

Pilvi: All gone...

Pilvi: I wonder where they went...

Pilvi and mountain ash flowers



Lily of the valley - but just buds, no flowers yet...


Now, what is this...

Pilvi: I think I'll take this loose branch home. Maybe Fomalhaut and the trolls can use it in their toad garden project...

And last just a general view to show how green the forest now is.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eggie and eggs

Eggie has found some eggs...

And she wants to help me fry them...

- Careful, Eggie, you don't want to end up as a fried egg yourself!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Karelian Maiden

We had a hail storm yesterday, but today it is warm again. I decided it it the time to get a hanging plant for my balcony.

Sampo is helping to hang it up.

Sampo: Is it about right now?

This type of Begonia is called "Karelian Maiden"

Sampo: The color is very pretty, but not yellow, so Eggie won't claim this one.

Sampo: One flower fell off, so you can see it up close.

I hope Sampo's thumbs are as green as his outfit so that my flowers will stay pretty and bloom well all summer.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Garden gnome trainees

The seven little Latis have graduated from Garden Gnome Trade School (they have all got garden gnome hats to prove it) and now they want a summer job as garden gnome trainees.

But first I had to get a nice graduation picture. You would not believe how hard it is to get seven little Latis into one picture. There was a lot of showing and pushing...

Algol: Rastaban! Don't push!

Fomalhaut: Eggie, keep that rake down...

Pilvi: Rastaban, put your head down, nobody can see my pretty face behind your cap!

Rastaban: Wait!!!!!!!!! I'm slipping down...

Rastaban: Is this better?

Pilvi: Keep your cap down!

Algol: Rastaban, leave my cap alone

Eggie: Do you think those two will ever settle down?

Outsider: OK, I give up. This is the final shot. Say Cheeeeeese!

Eggie: Cheese is yellow and everything that is yellow is mine!

Fomalhaut: Shut up and put that rake down!

Would you hire these seven to work in your garden???

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hobbit and green

It has rained on and off recently, and that has helped to finally turn everything green again. Today was a sunny day (though a bit windy), so Sampo wanted to go out and see how green the forest now is.

Sampo: Blueberries now have leaves - and buds, too!

Mountain ash.



Sampo: the swamp is no longer frozen. Now Deimos has to start fearing the swamp monster again...

A thoughtful little hobbit.

Sampo: Here is a good hollow under a tree root. I must recommend it as a summer residence for Niks and Naks.

Sampo: It's too low for me, I can't stand straight there.

Sampo: The hollow is under the root of a big pine.

Sampo: Here are some more pine roots.

Sampo: They are really crooked!

More swamp pictures.

Don't fall into the water!

Sampo: Here are some early dandelions in a sunny spot. Eggie would like these!

Sampo: This tree is totally dead.

Sampo: Fungi are growing all over it!