Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fog And Frost

After a long period of temperatures around -20 C (-4 F), -10 C (14 F) feels actually warm. The rising temperature has brought with it moisture that shows as fog and frost. Niks and Naks wanted to go out and see for themselves.

Frosty park

Frosty park

Niks and Naks in the harbor. You should be able to see the buildings across the bay, they are rather near, but fog hides them almost completely.

Niks: Here the ice starts.

Naks: I hope there is no longer water beween the ice and the snow.

People walking on the ice. The picture is taken towards downtown, but you can't see it because of the fog!

Niks and Naks are testing the thickness of the snow.

Niks: I found ice!

Naks: No water on the ice, that is good.

Here you can see the nearest shore through the fog.

Each single branch and twig in each tree is covered with a thick layer of frost

It is so foggy that you can't see the horizon and tell where the ice ends and the sky starts. The little tree is standing on the shore, everything behind it is supposed to be snow covered ice and sky - but you can only see the fog.

Even spruces are so thickly covered with snow and frost that they look black and white - not green at all.

Niks: The rose bush behind us looks quite dead.

Naks: But is will probably bloom just fine next summer.

A birch and a pine.

Niks: The grasses are pretty dead, too.

Naks: Definitely no green patches in sight.

Niks: This bench is quite soft

Naks: Yes, it is padded with snow!

Niks: Would you like to have a couch like this in the living room.

Naks: Yes, but it would probably melt.

Niks: Not if the living room is in the deep freeze.

Naks: There is only food in the deep freeze, no couches there.

Niks: What a pity. We could lie on a snowy coach while eating all the food in the deep freeze.

Fog and frost

Frosty bushes

Frosty grasses

More frosty trees in the park on our way home

Frosty trees and bushes in the park

Frosty bushes in the park

Frosty trees in the park

Niks: That was beautiful!

Naks: Are you getting soft in your old age?

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Warm and yellow

Eggie: Aaah... soft and yellow...

Outsider: Eggie, what are you doing in my kitchen?

Eggie: Everything that is yellow is mine!

Outsider: Those are my potholders! I need them. Give them to me.

Eggie: I want a yellow blankie.

Outsider: OK, you can get a yellow blankie if you give up my potholders.

Eggie: OK.

Outsider: Here's your blankie. Now surrender those potholders.

Eggie: Aaaah... Yellow...

Eggie: This is soft and warm and yellow. And this one does not smell of onions, either.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snowed in

It's another cold day and Niks and Naks have climbed onto the window sill in my kitchen to see out.

Niks: Help! We are snowed in!

Naks: And this is the seventh floor!

Niks: There must be a huge amount of snow...

The noise Niks and Naks are making alerts Spock and he comes to check the situation with his tricorder.

Spock: We are not snowed in. Everything is normal outside. The snow has just accumulated on the window sill.

Niks: We don't believe it....

Naks: Because we can't see out!

Spock: I shall assist you...

Spock: Now you can see that everything is quite normal - for an arctic location.

Niks: Cool! can we go out?

Spock: Not likely. The temperature is currently -23 C (-9.4 F).

Naks: We are not afraid of cold!

Niks: But the camera would probably not work...