Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hairy Story III

Phobos has heard of Niks's and Naks's hair elixir enterprise...

Phobos: I heard that you have made some hair growing elixir. I could use some. I should not have let my Demon cut my hair, he has no future in barbershop business. He cut my hair very unevenly and way too short at the back, it sticks to all directions.

Niks: You are lucky, we have just manufactured a new batch. Just get us a few chairs...

After piling one table and two chairs Niks can reach high enough to apply the potion.

Phobos: Hey, it itches!

Niks: Don't touch your head or the potion will grow troll hair on your palms!

Phobos: Troll hair?! Nobody said anything about troll hair!

Naks: You did not ask. Besides, don't you think troll hair is beautiful?

Phobos: Find a mirror! Fast!

Niks: What's all the fuss. Troll hair is beautiful.

Phobos: Hey, my hair looks all right, it's quite smooth. It does not look like troll hair.

Naks: Niks, I told you we should have had more hairy spiders! The elixir is too weak again!

Pollux: Niks's and Naks's hair elixir never grows troll hair. Look, they used it on me, and I have nice curly hair.

Phobos: What...

Phobos: Well, well, well, a little winged Homunculus!

Pollux: I'm not a hom... humm.. hohum... whatever, I'm a Chocolate Vampire!

Phobos: Even stranger, this place definitely is an attraction point of strange creatures!

Niks: I think we must go catch more hairy spiders.

Naks: Definitely. Our hair elixir is way too weak.

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