Sunday, March 29, 2009

The littlest vampire in snow

Rastaban, the littlest vampire wanted to go out to see the snow before it melts. As it is overcast today, I assumed it was safe for a little vampire to go out in the daylight. Rastaban borrowed some clothes (a bit too big, I'm afraid) and went exploring.

It snowed yesterday and last night, so there was a layer nice new snow covering the grainy and icy old snow, and the temperature was slightly above freezing - perfect weather for making snow men - or snow vampires.

And then the littlest vampire wanted to make a snow angel...


It does not look like spring yet.

Rastaban, the littlest vampire.

It's overcast, so the sky looks white.

I think the vampire is starting to look sleepy. It's past noon already, so it is probably past his bedtime - or at least nap time.

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