Saturday, September 19, 2009


It is the Talk Like a Pirate Day and the little pirates seem to be on the loose

Fomalhaut is the Captain.

Fomalhaut: First Mate Deimos, do you have the treasure map?

Deimos: Aye, Captain, right here. Arrrr.

Fomalhaut: And the crew, Rastaban and Algol, do you have the spades for digging up the treasure?

Rastaban: Aye, Captain.

Eggie: I want to come, too!

Fomalhaut: No wenches on board. It's bad luck. And you're not even dressed like a pirate.

Eggie: I can be the parrot. Pirates must have a parrot.

Deimos: I have never heard of a yellow parrot!

Eggie: I have some green feathers, see? Now I look like a parrot. Arrr, Eggie wants a cracker! I can tell if there is gas in the mine...

Fomalhaut: Canaries are used for that purpose, not parrots!

Eggie: I can be a cross between a parrot and a canary. I have a yellow dress and green feathers in my hair.

Fomalhaut: No, and that's final!

But while Fomalhaut and Deimos are studying the map, something is going on behind their backs...

Fomalhaut: Now we must plan the course to the treasure island...

All pirates are boarding the ship.

Fomalhaut: OK, crew, unfurl the sail, hoist the flag and draw in the bridge. Then we can weigh the anchor and sail to the treasure island. Arrrr.

Rastaban: Aye, aye, Captain!

Officers on the bridge.

And the crew on the foredeck.


Finally the pirate ship approaches land.

Rastaban: Land ohoy! There's the treasure island! Arrrrrr!

Deimos: OK, take the spades and we'll find the right spot.

Rastaban: Aye, aye, Captain!

Deimos: This seems to be the right place. Arrrrr!

Fomalhaut: Are you sure?

Deimos: Aye, Captain. The X marks the spot.

Fomalhaut: Fine. Start digging.

Deimos: Algol, that is a rake! You can't dig with a rake!

Algol: ?????

Rastaban: Here, you can borrow my spade.

The others watch while Algol is digging.

Algol: I found a chest!

Fomalhaut: Arrrr! Let's open it and see what it contains!

Deimos: Arrrr! What a shiny treasure!

Fomalhaut: There is a fine silver cup fit for the Captain.

Deimos: And a crystal ball! I wonder if this can tell the future...

Eggie: And rings big enough for a giant!

Fomalhaut: Hey, how did you get here???

Eggie: In your ship. Arrr, Eggie wants a cracker. Any old port in storm. Arrrr.

Fomalhaut: Arrr. We can't leave you here, I suppose. You must come back with us. I suppose the pirates now have a parrot. Algol, fill up the hole.

Algol: Aye, aye, Captain.

Algol: It's filled up nicely, and raked flat. I even put the X back in place so that the next treasure hunter can find the spot.

Deimos: Stupid, we took the treasure already. The next pirate crew can dig a hole all the way to China and find nothing.

Algol: Maybe they'll find some Ming vases in China. Or at least a few Chinamen.

Finally the ship is on it way back again.

Fomalhaut is sitting on the treasure chest to make sure it gets home safely.

The ship arrives home again.

And the pirates take their treasure ashore.

Fomalhaut: The treasure hunt was successful.

Everybody: Aye, that it was, arrrr!

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Marlowe said...

That looks like a great treasure!