Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or treat

It looks like the little demons are up to something...

Deimos: OK, everybody, grab a bucket or a basket and we can go trick-or-treating...

Umbriel: You can't go trick-or-treating, it is not a custom in this country.

Deimos: Not fair. We are all dressed up. What can we do?

Umbriel: Well, you can just go around and try to scare people. Like this. BOO! What are you dressed as?

Deimos: Fomalhaut is of course the pirate captain and I'm his trusty first mate. Arrrrr!

Rastaban: I'm a vampire!

Deimos: Not fair, you are a vampire anyway.

Rastaban: Am I not scary enough?

Deimos: Yes, but...

Rastaban: But nothing! BOO!

Algol: I'm an escaped prisoner. Ni!

Deimos: You are supposed to say BOO.

Algol: I'm one of the knights who say Ni!

Deimos: You just said you were an escaped prisoner.

Algol: I'm an escaped prisoner who says Ni!

Eggie: I'm picachu. Pica, pica!

Niks & Naks: We are trolls, of course.

Deimos: Not fair, you are trolls anyway. And throw away that bag, we are not supposed to go trick-or-treating.

Niks: But we are...

Naks: We think we know where we can get something...

Niks & Naks: TRICK OR TREAT!

Spock: I beg your pardon...

Niks: Give us some treats...

Naks: Or we'll do some dirty tricks....

Niks: Like maybe bite your toes...

Spock: Are you some kind of local mafia?

Niks: We are no mafia!

Naks: Just go and get us something good to eat!

Spock: Oh, I see, you are just hungry. Why did you not say so in the first place. Give me your bag and I'll get you something to eat.

Niks: It's better be good...

Naks: Or else...

Niks and Naks return to the rest of the gang with a bag full of ... something.

Deimos: Did you get anything?

Niks: We sure did.

Naks: A bag full of something.

Fomalhaut: Let's see what you got!

Algol: But these are veggies!

Eggie: Definitely no candy!

Fomalhaut: Well, the carrots aren't so bad.

Eggie: and the corn cob is OK, too.

Rastaban: And whad do I get? A cabbage? It is not even blood colored!

Deimos: The Vulcans have green blood. Imagine that it is a Vulcan head...

Rastaban: A Vulcan head... mmmmmmmmmmm......

Deimos: And what is this?

Niks: It's a Vulcan plomeek.

Deimos: But it is rock hard. How are you supposed to eat this.

Naks: You don't eat it raw. ..

Niks: You must make plomeek soup out of it...

Naks: First you have to learn to cook...

Deimos: Not likely. Listen, guys, this will not do. Grab some tools, and we'll go and raid the chocolate cake our person made!

Deimos: Algol, you can't cut a cake with a rake! A spade and a saw are a bit better, but I think it is better if I cut the cake with my sword...


Well, I prevented the raid and gave each a small piece of cake. A very small piece. A bunch of demons and trolls with tummy ache is more than I can handle.

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annalise said...

ur dolls r amazing! ^_^