Monday, June 28, 2010

Local life forms

Spock is studying the local geology.

Spock: This smooth rock is interesting.

Spock: My tridorder indicates that these parallel grooves have been left by the Ice Age.

Spock: My tricorder registers life form readings. They must be some local life forms.

Spock: Oh, it is you two... Well, you are local life forms.

Naks: We sure are low-cal. Nothing but troll skin and bones.

Niks: We sure are low to the ground...

Spock: And what are you doing here?

Niks: We are collecting mosquitoes and other ingredients for our patent medicines.

Naks: This sure is a good mosquito year. Zillions of them everywhere!

Spock: Zillion is not a number...

Niks: Zillion, gadzillon, googolplex, whatever.

Spock: The Zumikloxians are not native life forms, however.

Niks: They just followed us.

Naks: They thought we came looking for honey puffs.

Niks: They are constantly looking for honey puffs, you know.

Spock: Yes, I know, but there are no honey puffs in the forest. My tricorder readings confirm it.

Naks: Well, we can as well go home then.

As there is no Scotty to beam up the landing party, they just have to walk home...

Zyp: ojrngre fjfwen dnfnf kjfdsk fkjdkjdddweuhr!

Niks: Great idea! As we found no honey puffs, we'll raid the chocolate cake when we get home!

Naks: That we'll do for sure!

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