Sunday, July 25, 2010

Droids vs. ninjas I

Deimos and Hikaru are arguing about whose minions are better.

Deimos: My assassin droids can beat your ninja turtles any time!

Hikaru: No way. Shall we put them to test?

Deimos: Definitely!

Deimos: Charge!

Hikaru: Cowabunga!

Deimos: Oh, no, this does not look good...

Hikaru: Yes! Go, turtles, go!

Deimos: Oh, no....

Hikaru: The victory is ours!

Hikaru: You guys did well, I think you have earned some pizza.

Deimos: I must get the repair droids...

Deimos: Ok, put these droids back together.

R2-D2: Whrrr beeeeep blp!

C3PO: I'm a protocol droid, not a mechanic!

Deimos: Shut up and get to work!

After some time...

Deimos: What is this? You were supposed to repair 5 assassin droids, not to create an abstract sculpture!

R2-D2: Zzp blp beeeep beep whrr!

C3PO: He says there were no blueprints and you told to put the droids back together. Everything is together, isn't it?

Deimos: You are no good. I have to do everything myself...


Deimos: OK, this is how they should look. The next time the turtles won't win that easily. I'll have to see to that.


Marlowe said...

Maybe they need some laser guns.

Anonymous said...

That was a fantastic story! I loved the sculpture!

Anonymous said...

Deimos, don't worry. I was never really a fan of ninja turtles, I think your battle droids are much better.

They do have rather interesting heads.