Saturday, July 06, 2013

Love Potion #9

Love Potion #9 1/4

Niks: "We bring you the finest perfumes and love potions..."

Naks: "...carefully made from the mosts exquisite secret ingredients!"

Lumi: "Don't take any love potion concocted by Niks and Naks! It will only make frogs follow you!"

Kuura: "Nonsense. I'm sure those potions will be most effective. I think I could use some love potion..."

Frogs: *ribbit* *ribbit*

Love Potion #9 2/4

Kuura: "What is this??? I took one sip of this love potion and now all the frogs are following me!"

Lumi: "I told you so..."

Kuura: "Is there an antidote?"

Niks: "No..."

Naks: "...but you can try kissing the frogs, maybe one of them will turn into a prince!"

Love Potion #9 3/4

Kuura: "All right. I'll kiss a frog. It's Sydney or the bush!"

Blue frog: *ribbit*

Naks: "You must close your eyes and count to three!"

Niks (whispering): "Are you ready, Icy?"

Love Potion #9 4/4

Kuura: "What??? The frog turned into an ice bat, not a prince!"

Icy: "Aaaaaah.... I've been kissed by a queen!"

Niks & Naks: "Hee, hee, hee..."

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