Saturday, September 01, 2007

First Day of Fall

It's the first of September, and therefore officially the first day of fall. Niks and Naks wanted to go out to the forest again to see how it looks like now.

Niks: This is a real troll forest!

Naks: Yes! Just look at all these boulders. A huge troll has carted them here...

Niks: Or maybe it was the ice age...

Niks: Look! Another troll castle!

Niks: What a wonderful fly agaric!

Naks: We'll eat this for sure! What a treat!

Niks: Is this an ant hill?

Naks: No, it's just a heap of spruce needles on a boulder.

Niks: What a pity. I was looking for ants for dessert.

Naks: But there is a delicious looking toadstool here.

Niks: Yes! It is a mustarousku! We'll eat it for dessert.

Niks: Lovely soft moss. I think I'll take a nap after all that eating.

Naks: Me too, eating makes one sleepy.

Niks: Look! One more toadstool.

Naks: This is not a fly agaric...

Niks: We'll eat it anyway... Mmmmmm... it smells good.

Naks: Most flowers have gone to seed already.

Niks: So if you want to find color in the forest...

Naks: You have to look for toadstools...

Niks: Or leaves that have turned red and gold.

Naks: This blueberry is turning nicely!


Dukkelisa said...

Oh what fun! I love mushrooms too! I miss the forest, we had lovely ones back in Denmark. Here on the eastern plains we have grasses. Not as interesting! I can see you were in troll Heaven!

Gladys said...

I love your stories! Keep up the writing, please, you are a wonderful storyteller.