Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ice-Bat and fall colors

A couple of days ago several wacky characters called Uglydolls followed me home. I could not prevent it. And of course they started demanding attention as soon as they were home. One of them, Ice-Bat has followed me around a lot and wanted to go out, too. I warned him that it is damp outside and he may get shabby, but he just argued that he is shabby enough looking right now, so a bit more won't do any harm.

Inkcaps on our back yard.

Ice-Bat: If your printer runs out of ink, you can pick these and make more ink. You don't have a printer? Well, find an old fountain pen then, and fill it up with these toadstools. Or maybe I'll make a cap out of one.

Here are a couple of maples across the street. All trees are not changing color at the same time, they are actually mostly still green, but there are already some very pretty ones.

Ice-Bat: Jeepers creepers, what colors! They are so fiery that I'm feeling hot!

Here's another pretty maple.

Ice-Bat found a late flower and some golden birch leaves.

Ice-Bat: Hey, this bell is a fake, it does not ring! I'll have to ring instead. Ding dong!

Ice-Bat: Here's another pretty bush - hey, don't leave me here, it's too far for me to walk home by myself! What do you mean I have wings? Bats don't fly in the daytime!

Apples fallen from a tree - getting a bit rotten. The leaf is from a nearby aspen, though.

Ice-Bat: How many points would I get from biting these apples? I would need many to try, they look quite rotten to me. Probably full of worms. Of course I could leave the apples and eat just the worms.

Here's another picture of the red creepers. Ice-Bat did not climb this one.

Ice-Bat: That looks nice, the creepers go all around the windows. People could climb up and down the creepers and go in and out through the windows. That would save the doors and stairs from wear and tear.

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Gladys said...

Ice-Bat is pretty cute. He has a mighty sharp sense of humor!