Sunday, December 02, 2007

Black and white

Deimos got so intrigues by the ice monsters Sampo saw yesterday that he wanted to go out and see them too. It snowed a bit this morning, so the effect is not quite the same any more, but the pictures captured some of the blue light so typical of this time of the year when the days are short and the sun is low and it is hard to say when the day begins and when it ends - especially if it is cloudy.

There is now snowy frosting on the icy trees.

Deimos finds the blue light and the icy trees fascinating.

The ice monster now has snow whiskers - or is frothing at the mouth.

Ice, snow and blue light - and a little demon.

This bush has long icicle claws and snow fur.

1 comment:

annoxford said...

Sampo and Diemos are perfect for the icy landscape!
Particularly fascinated by the ice-enclosed weeds -- magnificent. All in all, your photos are as great as always.