Saturday, December 08, 2007

Fruit cake

This is the time for baking a fruit cake for Christmas. Niks and Naks wanted to participate.

Niks: Are you sure we have all the ingredients?

Naks: Yes, but we must taste everything to be sure that they are of high quality.

Niks: They look good enough to me...

Naks: I think these cherries must be tasted very thoroughly. You can taste half of them...

Outsider: You are not tasting the cherries, they are needed for the cake!

Niks: Finally the cake is in the oven.

Naks: Now comes the best part...

Niks: ... we can lick the bowls and utensils!

Niks: The cake is ready and it looks delicious!

Naks: Can we eat it all...

Deimos: I would like a little, too.

Niks: I did not know demons like cake.

Deimos: People seldom give little demons any cake. They think we only eat frogs and bats and spiders...

Outsider: You can taste a little, but not the whole cake!

Niks: Aaah, this is so good!

Naks: Definitely!

Deimos: I wish people would give more often little demons some cake.

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