Saturday, January 05, 2008


Deimos has found a dimension door - and borrowed Umbriel's keys. Nothing will prevent him from going exploring.

Deimos: I'm sure I'll find my missing friend behing this door...

Umbriel has also found the door - but he can't find his keys!

Umbriel: Phobos, look, there is a dimension door, but someone has taken my keys!

Phobos: It was probably Deimos. He is missing. Why don't you just go in? The door is open already.

Umbriel: I can't. If someone locks the door from this side while I'm in I can't get back! The door disappears as soon as it is locked again.

But just then Deimos rushes back. And Umbriel happens to stand in the way.

Umbriel: Deimos! Don't you ever look where you are rushing?

Deimos: No time! Must lock the door before something evil gets through. The door was opened with the key to the in-between world where all the demons and ghosts live.

But there seems to be somebody Deimos wants to get through...

Deimos: Come on now, hurry, before all the big and bad demons and Hellboy and Rasputin get you...

As soon as Deimos has pulled his friend through, he quickly locks the door - and it disappears.

Umbriel: Deimos, who's your little friend?

Deimos: This is Fomalhaut. Also known as The Lonely One or The First Frog - or just Froggy if you are sure he is in good mood.

Phobos: Cool! Another Demon! Are you more skilled than Deimos? Can you also sign a contract with me?

Deimos: Don't be a fool. You can only sign a contract with one demon. And it's for life, you can't swap me for Fomalhaut.

Phobos: Maybe Umbriel can sign a contract with Fomalhaut, then.

Fomalhaut: I won't sign any contracts. I'm a free demon. I am named after one of the four royal stars of ancient Persia 5000 years ago.

Fomalhaut: I am the Guardian of the Winter Solstice. 5000 years ago the star Fomalhaut marked the Winter Solstice for the ancient Persians. The ancient Persians are long gone, but Winter Solstice still happens every year.

Umbriel: Wow, that sound impressive. Does that snakeskin coat have anything to do with the ancient Persians?

Fomalhaut: No, my coat is not snake skin. Fomalhaut is the brightest star of the constellation Southern Fish, that's why I wear this fish skin coat and a star pendant around my neck.

Deimos: If Fomalhaut starts to sound too full of himself, just call him Froggy, it'll bring him down to earth again...

Umbriel: Hmmm, won't that kind of name make him mad.

Fomalhaut: Not any madder than Deimos gets if you call him Door Knob.

Umbriel: In that case I'd better beware.

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