Sunday, January 06, 2008

Guardian of the Winter Solstice

As Winter Solstice was only a couple of weeks ago, the Guardian of the Winter Solstice wanted to go out to see that everything was proceeding as it should. The day was sunny, but as the sun is still very low, it was rather hard to find nice sunny spots.

Not much snow yet, but enough to make the landscape look a bit nicer.

Winter sun is so low that it almost looks like sunset.

Only a narrow strip of sunlight between the shadows of the trees.

The picture was taken at noon (12:07 to be exact). You can see from Fomalhaut's long shadow how low the sun is.

Noon sun in January.

The weather has been rather mild and the big lakes are not frozen yet.

Fomalhaut is satisfied with the order of things. The sun is returning after the Winter Solstice as it should.

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