Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Secret

The demons have found a dimension door - and Phobos's master key...

When they return they find Niks and Naks waiting.

Niks: What do you have in the bundle?

Naks: Did you bring souvenirs?

Niks: Is is something to eat?

Naks: Where have you been you anyway?

Fomalhaut quickly locks the door while Deimos opens the bundle...

Niks: A loose head!

Naks: Where did you get it???

Deimos: We found Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. And we found this small head. We just could not let Dr. Frankenstein turn it into a monster.

Fomalhaut: We thought maybe we can make one of our own.

Deimos: Not a monster, a homunculus.

Niks: You must hide it well.

Deimos: Yes, this must be a secret. If Phobos sees the head he will certainly take it from me.

Naks: To make a homunculus of his own?

Niks: We don't tell a living soul.

Naks: But if we feel an urgent need to tell, we'll come and talk to the head. It won't spread the word.

Deimos: Better not talk even to the head. The walls may have ears. And we must hide the head real well.

I think the mechanical endeavors of the little demons were a bit more acceptable than experiments with loose heads, but what can you expect from such beings?

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