Saturday, February 09, 2008

New toys

There is a new kid in the house. His name is Puck, but that's about all I have been able to find out about him. Maybe he'll tell more later.

Umbriel has a surprise for Puck and Caliban.

Umbriel: I have some toys for you if you promise to share them nicely...

Caliban: Toys! Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Puck: We'll fight very nicely over them.

Umbriel empties his bag.

Caliban: Look! Monkeys! All monkeys are mine! Mine! Mine!

Puck: I like these lions - and the crocodile and...

In the end the boys share quite nicely: Caliban gets all the monkeys and Puck gets all the rest. Both seem to be happy.

Umbriel: It looks like you're both satisfied...

Caliban: Yes! Look, one of the monkeys has babies!

Puck: And I got all kinds of African animals... They'll all live in Serengeti...

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