Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

As it is snowing again outside, the Easter Egg Hunt must take place inside...

Fomalhaut: I am ready. I have summoned the great vacuum monster. It will promptly suck in all Easter eggs there are.

Deimos: Don't be stupid. The vacuum monster will just suck in all the eggs and you'll never get them out again. What you need is a chocolate vampire. He'll sniff out all the chocolate. It's like hunting truffles with the help of a pig.

Fomalhaut: Why the string around his neck?

Deimos: If you just let him loose, he'll eat all the chocolate himself. Just like the pigs would eat the truffles.

Pollux: There is one on top of the coffee machine.

Fomalhaut: Lift me higher... Got it!

Pollux: There is one on top of the microvawe.

Deimos: lift me higher! I almost got it!

Fomalhaut: You are too heavy...

Deimos: Got it!.... Aaaaaaugh...

Deimos: Well, at least we got the egg...

Pollux: There's one on top of the towel rack.

Fomalhaut: How do we get to the top?

Deimos: I'll climb along the towel cover...

Deimos: This is harder than I thought...

Pollux: Don't bother, I'll throw the egg down...

Deimos: How did you get up there?

Pollux: I have wings, you know... Catch!

Fomalhaut: Got it!

Deimos: How do I get down?

Fomalhaut: You still have the rope. Throw one end here, and I'll pull you onto the counter top.

Fomalhaut: Got you...

Deimos: &%¤#*!!

Pollux: There is one at the bottom of the bowl.

Deimos: Got it!

Fomalhaut: How come all the eggs are so hard to get at?

Pollux: If you had not tied me up, I would have shown you the ones that are easy to get at like those:

Sampo: Here is one under the couch!

Pilvi: And here is one on the lowest shelf of the entertainment center!

Niks: Don't bother to seek any more...

Naks: We found a big bowl full of chocolate eggs...

Niks: We'll toss them down, be ready to catch them...

Sampo, Pilvi, Fomalhaut & Deimos: READY!

Deimos: Did you have to upend the whole bowl at once?

Niks: Sorry, it just slipped...

Naks: It was much faster than throwing the eggs down one by one.

Niks: Get out of the way. We'll jump down, too!

There seems to be enough chocolate eggs for everyone.

Everybody: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Soon they are just licking the wrappers... hey, where did Sampo go?

Pilvi: These wrappers are so pretty. I wonder....

Sampo: I found one more egg. And it is huge! It must contain a ton of cocolate.

Pollux: If does not smell of chocolate. It smells bad!

Deimos: Let's open it and see. I'll help. Pull hard!

Deimos: It's open! What was inside?

Sampo: Pirates! It's Captain Hook's missing crew!

Pollux: Pirates! No wonder they smelled bad!

Pilvi: These wrappers make pretty new ball dresses for my princesses...

Naks: Pirates and ball dresses, Niks, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Niks: Yes! Pirate Ball! Wait a bit,we'll get the instuments so we can have music.

So the Easter Egg Hunt ends with a pirate ball.

And a good time was had both by the pirates and the princesses. And by the troll band of course.

You never know how an Easter Egg Hunt (or any activity for that matter) will end when demons and trolls are involved.

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