Saturday, March 08, 2008


As the weather is still bad, the kids have to amuse themself inside.

Umbriel: My person thought I look cute in this stupid sailor suit. At least I found a ship to go with the suit.

Umbriel: Maybe I can sail it in the kitchen sink... Well, maybe not, it looks kind of deep.

Umbriel: Maybe I'll just sail the little bark boats in a tub. Here are NiƱa, Pinta and Santa Maria on their way across the Atlantic...

It looks like someone else is interested in playing with water, too...

Deimos: What do you have here?

Umbriel: The Atlantic Ocean.

Deimos: Here's Godzilla destroying the whole fleet in Tokyo Harbor!

Umbriel: This is not Tokio Harbor. This is Columbus's fleet crossing the Atlantic.

Deimos: Godzilla can destroy Columbus's fleet, then.

Umbriel: Godzilla was created by radioactivity after the Second World War, Columbus lived in the 15th century. Godzilla cannot destroy Columbus's ships.

Deimos: You are boring. I'll take Godzilla to meet Mothra or Destroyah. Or as long as we are in the Atlantic, I'll take him to destroy New York...

Umbriel: In spite of an unexpexted attac by a sea monster, Columbus is continuing his journey though the sailors are starting to complain...

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