Saturday, May 10, 2008

Deimos and a gun

Deimos wanted to see the site where air defense guns protected Tampere against Russian bombers during the second world war. One gun has been brought back to the site as a memorial, only concrete bases remain of the other guns.

Deimos: This is a really big gun. Can you see me at all standing at the base?

Deimos wanted to examine the gun from every angle...

Deimos: Interesting... I wonder if I can get some ideas for the perpetual motion machine I'm going to build...

Deimos: The gauge is getting rather rusty.

Deimos: OK, if any Russian bombers approach from that direction, they'll be shot down for sure!

Deimos: Just wanted to show how green everything is getting, even the blueberries have leaves already.

Deimos: Here is a cool rock with lichens growing on it.

Deimos: Hmm... I wonder if there are any tadpoles in the puddle. I could catch some for Fomalhaut...

Deimos: Little demons don't usually dig flowers, but dandelions are weeds, so I suppose I can dig these.

On the way home we stopped on a small playground. Deimos wanted to test the car...

Deimos: Do I look like Keke Rosberg?

Deimos: This car is actually rather stupid. It is made of wood, and has no moving parts. It gives me no ideas for my perpetual motion machine.

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