Saturday, May 24, 2008

Balcony flowers

Now it is the time to get flowers to the balcony - if the balcony is high enough so that we do not have to worry about night frosts any more.

We got a nice hanging geranium. Pilvi, Niks and Naks are examining it before we hang it from the hook in the ceiling.

Pilvi: This is very pretty

Niks: Is it good to eat?

Naks: Can you see any bugs we could eat?

Here's a view of the balcony when the geranium has been hung to its place. The balcony is a bit small, so I can't get a good all over picture, but I think you get an idea of what it looks like.

Niks: Aaaaah... the sun is so warm!

Naks: And not a cloud in the sky...

Niks: Do you think we could find some ice cream?

Naks: Hmmm.... Maybe, but if we just lie here with our mouths open, maybe a fly will fly in!

Niks: Fresh flies! That sounds good!

Naks: Do you see any?

Niks: No, but we can sleep here with our mouths open all day.

Naks: Or all week...

Niks: Or all summer...


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