Sunday, September 07, 2008

Early Fall Colors

It's already the 7th of the "Fall Month" and fall colors are starting to appear...

Umbriel: Look! Our maple is starting to change color again.

Niks and Naks wanted to go outside to check if their new fall outfits match the fall colors.

Naks: Look! The ink caps on our back yard are starting to turn into black slime!

Niks: Great! We can make lots of good potions out of them!

Niks: Look! We match the fall colors!

Naks: We definitely do!

Niks: Look! Baby fly agarics! These have surfaced quite recently.

Naks: Look! The fireweeds have turned into fire!

Niks: The creeper is quite fiery, too!

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austin said...

OMG!!! they are SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!