Saturday, September 20, 2008

Making amends

Sampo is playing alone with his picachu...

... when Deimos appears on the scene.

Sampo: What now? Do you have more monsters? I am prepared. Picachu can handle them all!

Deimos: Ummm... hmmm... umm.. I am sorry I sank your fleet last week...

Deimos: I have found Haitula's magic woodpecker feather...

Deimos: It can grant you one wish. Close your eyes and wish real hard!

Sampo: ... Done... May I open my eyes now?

Deimos: Gee, it really worked!

Sampo: A bicycle! Just what I wished for!

It must be a magic bicycle as Sampo can balance immediately...

But Haitula is not quite happy that Deimos has taken his magic feather.

Haitula: That feather is supposed to be used for healing. I did not even know it can grant wishes.

Deimos: Ummmm.... it only grants wishes in the hands of a little demon who is genuinely sorry. That does not happen often.

Haitula: In any case I want it back. Thank you.

This time the story has a very happy ending

There is one happy little hobbit...

... on a brand new bike.

And Deimos gave the feather back to Haitula. And Haitula promised that Deimos may borrow it another time if he needs to make amends.

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