Friday, December 26, 2008

Fomalhaut and winter forest

Fomalhaut is the Guardian of the Winter Solstice, and it is his task to make sure the days start getting longer again after each Winter Solstice.

Unfortunately we have not seen any sun for weeks (because it has been cloudy all the time), so Fomalhaut has found it hard to check the height of the sun and the exact length of the day. Today he wanted to go out, but could not measure his shadow as it is still overcast.

Fomalhaut: It looks lighter because of the snow, but the sun is hidden behind the clouds.

Fomalhaut: Hello everybody!

Fomalhaut: Here is a nice small snow covered spruce. It could serve as a Christmas tree.

Fomalhaut: And I could serve as an ornament. Do I look very ornamental?

Fomalhaut: Haitula gave me a task to check if the swamp is frozen. Swamps must be frozen in the winter to keep the swamp monsters at bay. This looks solid enough - at least for a small demon like me. I hope there are no big swamp monsters hiding under the ice...

Fomalhaut: This is not a swamp. It has rained so much this year that all the depressions are filled with water - and now frozen.

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