Sunday, December 07, 2008

Gingerbread house update

Today my little helpers decorated the gingerbread house parts.

Niks: Look! Everything has been decorated!

Naks: They must dry well before we try to glue them together. They look very nice, I say!

Niks: We used silver balls and pieces of marmalade as decorations. We also added a little Christmas tree outside the house.

Naks: Here's one end wall, it has a marmalade glass window.

Niks: And the roof is tiled with marmalade hearts.

Naks: As there was plenty of icing left over, we also decorated the small gingerbread figures.

If you think the house looks overdone, the decorations are done according to Niks's and Naks's taste. Deimos and Fomalhaut were basically busy licking everything that fell on the table and eating the strips of marmalade that were left over when the candies were cut to suitable shapes.

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