Saturday, June 27, 2009

Frog Garden Party

The Frog Garden and Toad Hall are ready and Frog and Toad are having a garden party. Niks and Naks showed up with flies to barbecue.

Frog is taking a refreshing swim before eating.

Toad is setting the Boom Box on the top of Toad Hall so that they have music at the party.

Niks is tending the grill.

Barbecued flies are a favorite dish of everyone present. And they have fresh ditch water to drink.

Niks wants to try the pool, too. It is a bit small...

Niks: Do I look like a frog?

But wait! What is this? Deneb Kaitos and a very small green frog have climbed on the table! They want to taste the flies, too!

And the pool is attracting frogs, too! It looks like Deneb Kaitos and his minions have crashed the party. No problem, the more the merrier, and there are enough flies for everyone!

It looks like a successful party!

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