Saturday, July 04, 2009

Green And Gray

It is a gray and windy day, so it was Deimos who volunteered to go out. Actually he claimed he has been badly neglected recently. (That was a hint that I should do something about his pirate costume).

A gray demon in green forest.

Green and gray.

Tangled roots.

Deimos: It looks like underground tunnel network starts here.

Deimos: Shall we go in?

Deimos: I wonder if there are trolls and orcs and mafiosos down there...

Deimos did not go underground. I think he is more afraid of mafiosos than orcs, but anyway... Next he found some abandoned woodpecker nests.

It's a real condominium!

Deimos: Do I look like a woodpecker?

Deimos also agreed to pose near some flowers by the trail - just to prove that there still are flowers.

But summer is not always sunshine and flowers. It can also be gray and windy.

A gray demon on a gray shore by a gray lake with a gray sky above.

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