Thursday, November 05, 2009

First snow day

Actually this is not the first snow this winter, but there is a bit more than the thin sprinkling we got earlier. Niks and Naks wanted to go and investigate.

Niks: This is not logical...

Naks: ... we no longer match the landscape!

Naks: We don't even match the dry grasses...

Niks: ... but we can pretend we are a couple of the last fallen leaves.

Naks: Hey, have you noticed that this snow is wet.

Niks: Definitely wet enough to build a snowman!

Naks: The first snowman of this winter!

Niks: Cool!

Naks: Even our favorite swamp is covered with snow...

Niks: The snow monsters are hibernating under the ice until next spring.

Naks: The ice is not very thick...

Niks: Thick enough for two small trolls.

Niks: Don't go too near the edge!

Naks: Why?

Niks: If we fall over the edge, the ice may break and we may wake up the swamp monster!

Naks: There is still a lot of beauty in the forest.

Niks: We add beauty to any landscape!

Naks: These are the delicate grasses...

Niks: ... that Algol called fairy dust.

Niks: Look, there are still mountain ash berries in the trees...

Naks: ... even if all the leaves are gone already.

Naks: We'll take these home!

Niks: Definitely!

Niks: Here are some grasses...

Naks: They are for Eggie though they are not really very yellow...

Niks: It's hard to find anything yellow in a winter forest.

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SquirrelQueen said...

Niks and Naks are a fun pair, great adventures. I adore the snowman.