Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dead Month

It is marraskuu, the Dead Month. Only little demons love this month.

Deimos: We still have leaves on the ground - but they are wet and rotting. No fun to play in.

Deimos: All snow has not melted but it is quite wet.

Deimos: This fern is called "dead man's hand" - even when it is not as dead as now.

Deimos: Wet snow everywhere...

Deimos: More wet snow and dead ferns.

Deimos: Of course the evergreen trees are still green.

Deimos: Lingonberries are evergreen, too.

Deimos: The track is getting a bit too slippery for jogging. Maybe they can lay the ski tracks here soon...

Deimos: Not everything is frozen. Running water freezes slower than stagnant water. This ditch smells quite rotten, though, the bottom is covered with mud and rotting leaves.

Deimos: The fireweed are getting quite limp and wet and rotten.

Deimos: You can still find some color if you find a mountain ash!

Deimos: The big lake is not frozen yet, but the pools above the water level are frozen - though quite thinly.

Deimos: The lake and sky and the rocks are all gray. And so is the horizon, it is barely discernible as a gray line between water and sky.

Deimos: A lichen covered birch. The lichen feels wet. too.

Deimos: The bear moss looks like little stars. Mosses are evergreen, too.

Deimos: The forest is still green, but it is the deep green of spruces and pines.

Deimos: Hey, this is no longer fun, it is starting to rain, lets go home!

Deimos: I said this is not fun any more. The moss is wet, the leaves are wet and it is raining! I want to go home! NOW!

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Marlowe said...

I think it is kind of pretty in a desolate way. But I've always liked evergreen trees, so that helps!