Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nap Time

Eggie has decided to take a little nap...

... but it appears that the boys are sleepy, too.

Eggie: What!???

Rastaban: Lend a bit of the blanket this way.

Algol: We want to take a nap, too.

Eggie: Stop pulling at my blankie!

Rastaban: Surely it is big enough for three.

Algol: Maybe we can stretch it a little...

Outsider: Stop the fight! You can each have your own blanket.

So all three settle in...

... or not quite all...

Algol: I'm not sleepy!

Algol: Pillow fight!

Rastaban: Ummmph...

Eggie: What???

Rastaban: OK, pillowfight it is!

Eggie: Here's what you asked for!

But finally:

Algol: I'm tired.

Eggie: Me too.

Rastaban: Nnnnngh...

Eggie, Algol & Rastaban: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...


Puppyluv said...

Aww, blankies in their proper colors!

Pillow fights are so much fun, but indeed, they are tiring.

What sort of dolls are they? I'm looking into which sort of bjd I want for myself.


Outsider said...

They are Lati Yellows: