Friday, February 05, 2010

Runeberg's Day

Deimos: Algol, what are you doing with that funny hat and a rake?

Algol: It's Runeberg's Day. I'm Sven Dufva defending a bridge against the Russian attack all by myself!

Deimos: Sven Dufva had a flintlock and a bayonet. That's a rake!

Algol: Oh... Maybe I can rake the Russians off the bridge...

But Sven does not notice that the enemy is right behind him...

Algol: Who turned off the lights?!???

Rastaban: Sven Dufva was killed in the battle. I'm the Russian who shot Sven Dufva! You are sooo dead now!

Algol: I don't want to be dead.

Rastaban: You can't change the history.

Fomalhaut: Sven Dufva is a fictional character, not actual history.

Deimos: Enough culture already! Let's go and eat the tarts.

Fomalhaut: That's fine with me.

Rastaban: Mmmmmmm... Runeberg's tarts...

Algol: I don't want to be dead. I want tarts, too!

Fomalhaut: Don't push, there's enough for everybody!

Everybody: Mmmmmm....

Rastaban: The best part about Runeberg's Day is the tarts...


all4dolls said...

Poor Algol! At least he got a tart.

Jen said...

You guys are great! We love Algol's hat. We want to give you a Sweet Award. You can find out more on our blog: