Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Droids vs. ninjas III - The Empire Strikes Back

It seems that Deimos has not given up yet...

Deimos: Spark, are your turtles ready for another match?

Hikaru: Any time! Just let your puny droids do their worst. My turtles are not afraid of them!

But it looks that this time Deimos has a new secret weapon...

Deimos: Charge!

Hikaru: What???

The machine starts to advance...

The turtles look stunned for a second...

... and then they suddenly turn and run.

Hikaru: Stop! Cowards! Come back and fight! You'll get no pizza today!!!

Deimos: Yesss!!! This time the victory is ours!

Deimos: Admit it, Spark, this time my droids beat your turtles.

Hikaru: Stupid turtles... Turned yellow... OK, but it's still two to one for the turtles.

Deimos: Well done, guys, you'll get an extra portion of lubricant tonight.

Hikaru (muttering): Stupid turtles... They sure will get no pizza today...

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