Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pirate day

Captain Fomalhaut and his trusty crew are planning new adventures. As they already have found a buried treasure, they now decide to kidnap the governor's daughter and demand ransom.

The pirates set off leaving their treasure chest on the shore (now do you think that was wise?)

Soon more pirates appear. Captain Wage and his Ugly crew find the abandoned chest and quickly take off with it. What luck! They did not even have to dig!

When Fomalhaut and his crew return, they are appalled seeing that their treasure is gone.

The pirates promptly set off to chase the thieves...

... except Rastaban who is left to guard the governor's daughter.
Rastaban tries to get more closely acquainted, but the governor's daughter is only interested in playing with her pirate doll. She seems to be too young to be interested in boys.

Fomalhaut, Deimos and Thuban soon catch the thieves who took their treasure.

It is Captain Wage, and his Ugly crew, Icy, Jeero and Babo. They are examining their loot when they notice the approaching pirates.

They take off immediately and run for it! They have no intention to stay and fight for the treasure. They think it is much safer to run to the kitchen and raid my cookie jar instead.

So the Ugly pirates raided my cookie jar and Fomalhaut's crew got their treasure back. And what about the governor's daughter? The governor refused to pay any ransom because Lumi was not her daughter at all, but an impostor. So Lumi decided to join the pirates instead. And to celebrate that the Lati pirates joined the cookie jar raid.

In the end no one was hurt except a few cookies that got muched by all kinds of pirates.


Anonymous said...

Great adventure! I do like the colorful pirates... and cookeis for all! And I'm glad Lumi can be a pirate too.

Happy TLPD!


Karina Brandt said...

oh wow i love that pirate ship. great idea.

Priestess of Nothing said...

What a grand adventure! You take the best photos, Sisko. :)