Saturday, November 04, 2006

Andromeda expedition

Something strange happened after the big snowstorm...

Umbriel: Mikko! Come quick, I have found a dimension door! We can go explore.

Mikko: Does any of your keys fit?
Umbriel: The space key fits. We'll get to some faraway place.

Umbriel: Come on now, Mikko!
Mikko: But it's pitch black on the other side!

Umbriel: It just looks black. It will be perfectly all right on the other side. You just can't see though the dimension doors, they are not for spying your neighbors.
But in the end Umbriel went in and Mikko stayed outside

Mikko: Sir Isaac Newton, I see that you did not go in either. We'll just wait here until Umbriel comes back.

Mikko: We can read books while we wait.

After a couple of hours Umbriel returns - and he has someone with him!

Mikko: Who is that??????????? A girl?????
Umbriel: Mikko, this is Princess Aniara Andromeda. She's from the Andromeda galaxy.

Aniara: Umbriel, lock the door quickly so that no one can get through!
Mikko: ????????????????????????

Mikko: The dimension door is gone!
Umbriel: The door disappears after it has been locked again. And therefore nobody can follow us from the other side. Aniara's father sent her here with me so that she will be safe. But I think she can explain better herself.

Aniara: My father is a great king in the Andromeda galaxy. But evil forces - something like Darth Vader, Zorg and the Daleks combined are trying to take over the whole galaxy. They want to conquer the whole galaxy and destroy all the local kings. It is not safe place for a princess in those times.

Umbriel: How do you know about Darth Vader and other bad guys from this galaxy?

Aniara: Our subspace probes can pick up your TV programs. And subspace communication is instantaneous, the speed of light does not limit the communication speeds. We have seen lots of your TV programs.

Umbriel: But how could your father send you away - even to be safe?

Aniara: It has been done here, too, you know. During the second world war lots of Finnish children were sent to Sweden and Denmark to be safe and to get better living conditions. It was dangerous here because of the bombings and there was a serious shortage of food - and everything else. After the war the children returned back home.

Umbriel: But the dimension door is gone, you can't go back!

Aniara: My father gave me a homing device. It is a tiny crystal that can be activated by sending a secret code via a specific subspace frequency. When it is safe again in Andromeda, my father will send the signal, and his men will fetch me home. Our science is very advanced. We can create a dimension door that opens to a specific place if a device on the other side transmits the homing signal. But only my father knows the code and frequency of my homing signal, so only he can tell how the dimension door must be tuned to get me home. The bad guys will never find me.

And so Aniara Andromeda came to stay with us - until further notice. We must take god care of her - she may be the future queen of the Andromeda galaxy.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Sisko...I love that door idea. How perfect that is for many adventures to come and how it makes a transition from one world to another. Mikko is so cute waiting outside the door.