Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ice and water


When we have a fall storm when the lakes are not frozen yet but temperature is below freezing we get some spectacular ice formations on the shore. The last snow storm we had was like that and today we have been in Aspinniemi to photograph the ice formations.

Here is a tree that is thickly covered with ice.

Wheee! This is way high! You can see how thick the ice is.

Here's a closeup of the ice covered twigs

A wall of ice

Ice layers build even on blades of grass.

This is incredible!

Another icicle that has formed around a single straw

The icicles behind me look like ghosts... We couldn't get near them because the shore was so icy.

This three also has a thick covering of ice

I think there is a bush inside this ice monster.

Here is a closeup, you can see the twigs inside the ice.

These are straws that have been bent down before the ice has formed on them.

Grass roots.

Some more ice crusted straws

And here some big ones. These are the kind of plants that dry standing up and the seeds fall on the snow and then spread around when the snow melts.

This looks like an alien landscape. I wonder if it looks like this on Zumiklox!

That's all for today. It's a bit chilly and we must go home now.

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carrie said...

Hi Sisko, it is great that you have a blog! I can't wait to follow your characters on their adventures.