Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tea Party

Aniara is setting up a tea party. She has invited a dolly and her Moomin Troll. But it appears that there is room for more guests...

Aniara: Caliban, do you have stuffies who would like to come to the party. I'm serving tea and donuts.

Caliban: Yes! I go get Apina Kapina.

It appears that Caliban found some Apina Kapina's relatives, too.

Caliban: Monkeys want donuts!

And Caliban dumps all the monkeys onto the table. That is not quite what Aniara had in mind.

Aniara: Caliban! You are ruining my party and breaking the dishes. Take those monkeys off the table immediately!

Caliban: Monkeys want donuts!

The noise attracts Umbriel to the scene.

Umbriel: What is going on here?

Aniara: Caliban is ruining my tea party! His monkeys have no manners! They are breaking the china and spreading the donuts all over the table!

Caliban: Monkeys want donuts!

Umbriel: We'll make a comporomise. I'll put a bowl of donuts on the floor. The monkeys that have no manners can eat on the floor, and they get their donuts.

Aniara: I guess that's okay, but now I don't have guests for my tea party.

Umbriel: Sir Isaac Newton would like to come to your party,

Aniara: Ummm... Do you think your newt can behave any better than Caliban's monkeys?

Umbriel: Sir Isaac Newton is an eminent scientist with impeccable manners and he loves tea and cucumber sandwiches - but in a pinch donuts will do.

So those who have table manners can have tea and donuts at the table... Hey, where did Niks and Naks come from? I guess they always appear if there is food around. I hope they have better table manners than the monkeys or the tea party may turn into another riot.

And those who have no table manners can eat from a large bowl on the floor - it seems that the Zumikloxians have joined the "no table manners" group. It seems that they, too, always appear when any food is around.

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