Sunday, January 28, 2007


It's cold outside, well actually not so bad (-9 C or 16 F), but the wind is blowing from the north, so the kids stay inside.

Caliban: Funny pictures!

Mikko: You are holding the book upside down! I can read that book to you, if you want.

Caliban: Yes!

Mikko: Alligators all around...
...Having headaches
... Zippity zound! Alligators ALL around

Caliban: Again!

Mikko: Oh, well, OK.
Alligators all around...
...Zippity zound! Alligators all around.

Caliban: Again!

Mikko: This is getting boring. You read yourself!

Caliban: Olio, I read, you listen? ... No? ... I must get Apina Kapina.

It looks like Caliban found Apina Kapina - and his friends and relatives, too!

Caliban: I read, you all listen!

Caliban: Alligators all around...
...Getting giggles...
...Zippity zound! Alligators all around.
Alligators all around...

Niks: This is getting boring. Let's go and raid the deep freeze!

Naks: Yes! That is more interesting!

Caliban: You always think about food?

Niks: Of course. What could be more interesting?

Zeon: krjfrjfijreituirutvn uurun irufrrqddekm

Niks: Sure you can join us. We'll raid enough food for everybody.

Niks: Aaah, Jaffa cakes. You like these, don't you?

Zeon: flltkyolgmn ehrhewhr

Niks: I knew you do!

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