Sunday, January 14, 2007

Haitula and snow

It is finally snowing instead of just raining all the time.

There is not yet enough snow to cover the lingonberries - but it's snowing all the time, so these are probably covered by tomorrow...

- OK, Fafner, I think this is a good place to build a snowman.
(By the way you can see how windy it is by looking at the end of my scarf.)

- Push, Fafner, rolling the snowballs is hard.

- Phhhw, finally the snowman is ready. The snow is a bit too cold, so it did not stick together well. You can see that this is a snow alien because he has eyestalks and some sort of flowery antennae on his head.

(Outsider's remark: Haitula looks so snowy in the last picture because the wind blew him over several times.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Haitula,

we are glad to see you got to go outside and play in the snow with Fafner. The snow alien is very well done. We don't often get snow aliens around here, only regular fat snowmen. But this year it hasn't snowed at all yet... thank you for sharing your snow pictures.

Jasmine* and Alma Faith*

ps. we love your hat, the little ears are very cute.