Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Vampire's work is never done

While Tuuli is putting her Frog Prince to bed, Pyry arrives with some exciting news.

Pyry: Tuuli! Great news! The Munchkins have found a permanent dimension door between Lintukoto and this place! They can visit any time, and we can go and play with them!

Tuuli: Do you mean the same people Umbriel and Haitula visited earlier? I think Haitula will be glad to see the princesses again...

Soon some Munchkin people arrive at the scene. They have followed Pyry.

Hitty: Good Day my little dear. My name is Hitty. We are just setting up a school, and after seeing your brother, I thought that you and your brother could also attend.

Tuuli: Yes, we would!

Hitty: You have a nice dress.

Tuuli: Thank you. I crocheted it myself.

Hitty: Excellent work by such a tiny person. So you can crochet? I have an idea...

While Hitty explaind her idea to Tuuli, the boys leave to test Pyry's scateboard. When they come back, Tuuli is busy crocheting again.

Pyry: Hey, what is this? Have you gone mad? What are you going to do with this many identical dresses?

Tuuli: Miss Hitty commisioned me to make school dresses for all the little Munchkin girls on Lintukoto. After I have made enough dresses, we can go to school with the Munchkin kids.

Pyry: Hey, I'm not going to wear a dress like this. Not that I'm interested in school anyway...

Tuuli: I'll have to design something different for the boys...

Pyry hears some noise behind his back...

Pyry: Hey what is this? Are you always so clumsy?

Jouko: Don't blame Kullervo. He can't help it. He's got two left feet!

Pyry: What?????????

Kullervo: See for yourself.

Hitty arrives with two Munchkin girls to check Tuuli's progress.

Tuuli: Do you think this looks right?

Hitty: That looks excellent! Ilta, Aamu, try the dresses on to see how they fit.

Aamu: I think this looks neat.

Ilta: Yes, much better to play in than the long dress!

Hitty: That's excellent. Tuuli, I'll send you a list of the number of school dresses and boy's school outfits we need. And then you'll of course need one for yourself and your brother. The school itself still needs a lot of work, desks and other furniture and all kinds of equipment, so it'll take a while before we can start, so you have plenty of time to finish the outfits. Come on now, children, it's time for lunch. Good bye now.

Tuuli: Good bye!

Pyry: Hey, nobody asked me if I want to go to school or not... I think I'd rather not go...

Tuuli: Nonsense. School will be fun.

Pyry: I wonder...

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